Dear friends,

For the past months, we had received a high number of emails from friends and customers, reaching out to offer us support. We understand that under these circumstances, life has changed. As we adapt to this "New Normal" for us, the love and passion in creating delicious chocolates has not changed. This is what keeps us motivated as a small business! 

Thanks to you and everyone involved in the supply chain, our love for chocolate, and our motivation to craft is what keeps us going.

Stay healthy for your family, friends, and community.

With love,
The Morito Team

We handcraft chocolate that captures the essence of single origin cacao in combination with honest ingredients to create a tasty chocolate with an incredibly creamy texture.

During these difficult times, bringing support to our community is more important than ever.

Our passion for chocolate
starts at the farm.

Our origin comes from the love we have for chocolate and supporting those communities that makes everything possible for us to bring a product that everyone can enjoy.
We respect the hands involved in the supply chain; we stand behind our partners and farmers in the Dominican Republic.

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